Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Spot the difference!

By pure fluke, I managed to get a shot of the winning Audi R8 LMS ultra a few hours before, and just after the Nürburgring 24 hours. Look closely and you can just see the time stamp on the photo at the bottom left.

A thoroughly well-deserved win, in a race that swung in virtually every conceiveable direction over its duration!

Well done to Marc Basseng, Christopher Haase, Frank Stippler and Markus Winkelhock!

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  1. Very interesting to see how the development of the GT3 cars has progressed in just a few years, even with all the arbitrary elements which the performance-balancing attempts put into the mix. Marvellous to just stand trackside somewhere in a mid-tempo corner and watch how much downforce the cars have and how much speed the many pro drivers on these cars can take into a corner.

    This year, it was also impressive to really see the consequences of the "It's really a 24-hour sprint race, these days" talk that has been made for some years now. I feel a point has been reached where, at least on this track, you can't push much harder over the 24 hours (unless development makes another significant step for next year). It was interesting to see the quality of attrition, with the tyre failures early in the race, as well as the gearbox / drive shaft problems that were seen across various models (where maybe the loads of the rather extreme cambers in some corners played a role).

    I could see the #3 being preserved in this state at least for some time, to show it off at public presentations the way some teams, Audi as well in the past, have done it. It does give the sense that they just ran without significant problems thorugh. Besides the addition of dirt, nothing looks out of place on that car. No eccentric duct tape sculpturing, anyway...