Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Readers of will have noticed, if they are paying attention, that I have been appointed as Features Editor. This is something that Graham Goodwin - the editor of dailysportscar - and I have been discussing for some time, but only now has it come to pass that it can be made official.

The idea is, that with an increasing amount of content on dailysportscar being free now, there is something for the subscribers that will cause them to renew their subscriptions, when they become due, and moreover, that the increasing number of viewers of the free material will be tempted into subscribing when they see a little of what they are missing. As a business case, it does make sense. The annual subscription, at just £35, is not extortionate, and if enough 'free' viewers are prepared to subscribe, then the coffers will fill sufficiently to pay for the roster of writers that will make up the "features team".

So if it doesn't work, then the subscription only features will have to stop - simple as that. Not that I do this for the money - indeed there is no money at all to be made out of blogging - but I do prefer to 'formalise' such things... so that readers know what they are going to get. If all the plans come off, then dsc subscribers will be seeing a 'feature' every few days - an average of two a week.

As Graham said to me recently, "more 'Motor Sport' than 'Autosport' ". We'll see how it goes. One concern that I do have is that the time taken to look after my new responsibility will have to come at the expense of something. And one of those things might be this blog.

I don't want to steal Graham's thunder by revealing here the full roster of writers, but it is a funny feeling to be put in a position to "edit" the writing of folk that I've read for years and who have been making a living from writing, while I have been 'doing a proper job'.

I just hope that we (Graham, the writers, and me together) can make it work, and maintain a level of consistent quality that is too easy to lose once initial enthusiasm for the new project has worn off. Meantime, the season progresses: Spa this weekend, then the Nürburgring, then it's Le Mans. That should provide sufficient inspiration for us all to find something to write!

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  1. Congrats Paul, look forward to reading the extra features