Friday, 5 February 2010

Le Mans entry list

So, the ACO has published an entry list, and it's only February. Takes some of the fun out it, doesn't it, if they make it this easy. I am sure there'll be many changes between now and June though.

Items of note - initial reactions... David Brabham out of the Peugeot and racing a Highcroft HPD (Acura)? I wonder if that was Brabs decision or Peugeots? His lap times may not have been as quick as some of the other Peugeot Pilots, but his influence on the team undoubtedly was a factor in the victory of the number 9 car in 2009. I suspect that he may have decided himself: it won't get any better than this - what can you do after winning, except win again? And even if Peugoet's chances in this year's race are good, David might drive perfectly well and still not win. No, with Highcroft he will have far more fun, he is part of the team, and he will get just as much satisfaction out of winning LMP2 with a Le Mans rookie car / team than driving in the manufacturer equipe. At least that's the way I see it.

What about Audi? Fassler, Lotterer and Treluyer in - Luhr, Premat out. I am slightly surprised by the omission of Premat - he is extremely quick - but I suspect that his face maybe doesn't fit - or his attitude is wrong. Any comments gratefully received. More fundamentally, I worry about the R15. Even with a "plus" version. You can be sure that the 2010 Peugeot will have been updated over 2009 as well. I'm looking forward to seeing how the car shapes up at Paul Ricard in April. That's a good sign, and it will be very revealing in so many ways.

Then there are the Mansells - I suppose it will be an achievement if all three of them actually get to drive the car in the race. But it won't be on the pace, will it? I think one of the interesting battles will be between the Rebellion cars and the Aston Martins. I'm extremely optimistic about Rebellion - they seem to be taking it very seriously indeed - and the driver line-up is excellent with Boullion and Bellichi. And the team has a heart.

Another team with heart is Strakka Racing. And two better blokes than Danny Watts and Jonny Kane, you couldn't wish to have in a car together. Forza Strakka!

GT1 looks half-decent too - three private Corvettes and an Aston Martin up against the Larbre Saleen and a couple of Ford GTs. Somehow the JLOC Lamborghini seems to have sneaked in there again, and there is not a great deal of depth of GT1 cars in the reserve list, so I am afraid my enthusiasm for GT1 is under control.

GT2 is a mix of works Corvettes, BMWs, Porsche and Ferrari. With a Jaguar and a Spyker in there too to add lustre (if ex-F1 names add lustre).

All in all, I like it... there's lots more that could be said, but for now, I will let others say it.

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