Friday, 26 February 2010


I am not really into single seater racing, but although there are many reasons for this, there are none of them particularly good ones. In the past, I have followed Formula Ford, Formula 3, Formula 2, Formula 3000 and I have even been to Indianapolis for the 500. Not to mention Formula One racing - the first race I ever saw was for Formula One.

And if it weren't for my family duties restricting the number of races I go to, then I am sure I would still be a big fan.

And I read the UK weekly magazines - at least I open them, turn the pages and look at most of them - enough to sustain my interest.

But my eye was particularly caught by the Delta Wing Indy Car proposal. Now there's a car that certainly looks different. If we are going to make this sport more appealing to the general public, then it makes sense to accentuate the differences between different categories. Making IndyCars very different from Formula 1 has to be a good thing, doesn't it?

And if you can drive one, surely you can drive the other?

Go on, Indycar, be bold!

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