Monday, 21 July 2014

Le Mans - LMP2 drivers

I’ve written lots about this year’s Le Mans, but failed miserably to write anything on my blog. Sorry about that. Of course, most of what I have written elsewhere has earned me some money, so priorities being what they are, this has been left until last.

Since I’ve written nothing yet about the closely-fought LMP2 class, and since my readers here will (I am sure) be interested, I thought it would be worth comparing drivers in that class.

For the purposes of this, I show the “average lap time” of each driver who actually got behind the wheel of an LMP2 during this year's 24 hour race. For the average, I have used 20% of the laps that each driver completed: in some cases, this leads to very few laps being considered.

It also means that track conditions - for example yellow zones and full course caution periods - are ignored. And spare a thought for Kirill Ladygin, Maurizio Mediani and Alessandro Latif, who didn’t get to drive at all! Nevertheless, for the most part, the following provides interesting reading.
No. Car Driver Grade No. of laps Average Lap Time
38 Jota Zytek Harry Tincknell Gold 121 3m 39.814s
35 Oak Ligier Jann Mardenborough Gold 121 3m 39.881s
36 Signatech Alpine Nelson Panciatici Platinum 149 3m 39.987s
38 Jota Zytek Oliver Turvey Platinum 131 3m 40.034s
46 TDS Ligier Tristan Gommendy Platinum 146 3m 40.380s
26 G-Drive Morgan Olivier Pla Platinum 64 3m 40.473s
36 Signatech Alpine Paul-Loup Chatin Silver 129 3m 40.749s
35 Oak Ligier Mark Shulzhitskiy Silver 93 3m 40.756s
35 Oak Ligier Alex Brundle Gold 140 3m 40.828s
47 KCMG Oreca Alex Imperatori Gold 28 3m 40.969s
36 Signatech Alpine Oliver Webb Gold 77 3m 41.284s
48 Murphy Oreca Rodolfo Gonzalez Silver 22 3m 41.298s
24 Loeb Oreca René Rast Platinum 134 3m 41.313s
48 Murphy Oreca Nathanael Berthon Gold 28 3m 41.336s
34 Race Performance Franck Mailleux Gold 122 3m 41.462s
46 TDS Ligier Ludovic Badey Silver 135 3m 41.491s
48 Murphy Oreca Karun Chandhok Platinum 23 3m 41.596s
26 G-Drive Morgan Roman Rusinov Gold 22 3m 41.623s
46 TDS Ligier Pierre Thiriet Silver 74 3m 41.751s
27 SMP Oreca Mika Salo Platinum 93 3m 41.860s
47 KCMG Oreca Matthew Howson Silver 21 3m 42.159s
42 Caterham Zytek Tom Kimber-Smith Gold 99 3m 42.185s
33 Oak Ligier Ho-Pin Tung Gold 173 3m 42.402s
37 SMP Oreca Nicolas Minassian Platinum 9 3m 42.453s
34 Race Performance Jon Lancaster Silver 110 3m 42.547s
29 Pegasus Morgan Léo Roussel Silver 82 3m 42.537s
43 Morand Morgan Christian Klien Platinum 160 3m 42.635s
38 Jota Zytek Simon Dolan Silver 104 3m 42.738s
24 Loeb Oreca Jan Charouz Gold 105 3m 42.929s
43 Morand Morgan Gary Hirsch Silver 125 3m 43.335s
24 Loeb Oreca Vincent Capillaire Silver 115 3m 43.391s
47 KCMG Oreca Richard Bradley Gold 38 3m 43.549s
41 Greaves Zytek James Winslow Silver 20 3m 43.672s
33 Oak Ligier Adderley Fong Silver 88 3m 44.405s
42 Caterham Zytek Chris Dyson Gold 116 3m 44.419s
26 G-Drive Morgan Julien Canal Silver 34 3m 44.561s
34 Race Performance Michel Frey Silver 110 3m 45.014s
50 Larbre Morgan Pierre Ragues Silver 149 3m 45.130s
27 SMP Oreca Anton Ladygin Silver 81 3m 45.154s
50 Larbre Morgan Ricky Taylor Gold 137 3m 45.266s
42 Caterham Zytek Matthew McMurray Silver 114 3m 45.844s
29 Pegasus Morgan Julien Schell Silver 135 3m 46.406s
29 Pegasus Morgan Nicolas Leutwiler Silver 119 3m 47.005s
27 SMP Oreca Sergey Zlobin Bronze 129 3m 47.075s
33 Oak Ligier David Cheng Silver 86 3m 48.757s
43 Morand Morgan Romain Brandela Bronze 67 3m 48.900s
50 Larbre Morgan Keiko Ihara Bronze 55 3m 56.249s
41 GreavesZytek Michael Munemman Bronze 11 4m 20.306s

I don’t really think any further comment is necessary. If you feel like making points of your own, feel free to do so by clicking in the comment box below.

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