Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Audi - Longer, faster and on less fuel

We are currently on a family vacation, enjoying the sunshine of a Mediterranean villa.

However, looking at the times from the Le Mans test day, it looks to me that the Audi R18 e-tron ultra can go further on less fuel than last year's Audi R18. What's more, it is doing faster average lap times as well. I reckon it was managing 12 laps on a tankful!

A full analysis will appear later in the week on - provided I can (a) get a decent Internet connection and (b) manage to drag myself away from the pool!


  1. Your long suffering wife will surely understand. What we really need to understand are the sector times. Times through the Porsche curves will indicate aero advancement, times through tertre rouge and mulsanne indicate engine grunt and drag. We have to assume less power than last year (? can't remember but I think restricters are smaller this year) but bear in mind that we have new tarmac (grip) on the track and changes at Indianapolis where a gravel trap has been added, so that will allow more agressive cornering through there, plus of course more grip on newer tarmac. So, what we need to work out is, how much time advantage is gained from

    1. Aero
    2. Track changes
    3. Engine developments

    And on top of this of course, the resulting impact of all three on the fuel efficiency!

  2. Heck, just enjoy yourself Paul and prepare for the rigours to come!

    See you soon.