Thursday, 14 July 2011

2011 - 2012 Calendar

I was surprised to receive in the post yesterday a Le Mans calendar. It has been produced by one of those companies that produces small-scale publicity material for small businesses - and has some great photos from last year's 24 hour race, as well as some photos from the Silverstone 1000kms.

It also contains some amusing notes in the dates - not least the fact that next year, Good Friday will fall on a Sunday (which is a bit of a worry).

Anyway, I am very grateful to whomever it was who sent it - by all means remain anonymous if you wish, but I am sure that I owe you a beer, if you'd like to make yourself known to me!

Hopefully I shall get around to writing some more on this blog in the near future - sadly there hasn't been much going on recently which has inspired me. Possibly some thoughts on the World Endurance Championship might emerge soon. And I have driven a couple of very nice Audis recently, impressions of which I really ought to share. Just a question of time, really.


  1. Glad you liked it Paul!

  2. So, team DOT, you know my address - come and claim your beer!

  3. Team DOT eh, intriguing!

  4. The clues are all on 10Tenths Paul. An invite to the first teamDOT AGM (due to take place at an eatery in Buckingham on 9th September) should reach you in due course.