Friday, 17 June 2011

A few miscellaneous facts

Total Time spent in pits this year:
Audi no 2 - Treluyer/Fassler/Lotterer - 31 stops, 7 driver changes - 33m 56s
Peugeot no 9 - Bourdais/Pagenaud/Lamy - 28 stops, 8 driver changes - 34m 19s
Peugeot no 8 - Montagny/Sarrazin/Minassian - 29 stops, 9 driver changes - 37m 16s
Peugeot no 7 - Wurz/Davidson/Gene - 28 stops, 8 driver changes - 43m 55s

Corvette no 73 - Garcia/Milner/Beretta - 23 stops, 10 driver changes - 32m 05s

Note that I have omitted the stop and go penalty for the no 8 Peugeot, so if you see official statistics showing that it had 30 stops, this is why.

For comparison, here are the shortest times spent in the pits from previous years races:
Audi no 9 - 35m 25s
Audi no 8 - 35m 31s
Strakka HPD no 42 - 35m 10s

Audi no 2 - 31m 56s

Driving Times:
Audi No 2.
Treluyer - 9h 21m 29s - 147 laps in 3 shifts (48 laps, 45 laps and 54 laps)
Fassler - 5h 39m 23s - 89 laps in 2 shifts (44 laps and 45 laps)
Lotterer - 8h 07m 34s - 119 laps in 3 shifts (38 laps, 20 laps and 61 laps)

Peugeot No 9.
Bourdais - 11h 11m 56s - 155 laps in 4 shifts (39 laps, 46 laps, 35 laps and 35 laps)
Pagenaud - 10h 13m 04s - 166 laps in 4 shifts (36 laps, 48 laps, 37 laps and 45 laps)
Lamy - 2h 02m 18s - 34 laps in a single shift.


  1. Paul,
    is there a reason why the Audi, with it's higher fuel consumption spent less time in the pits than the Peugeots?


  2. Marcus, it is really only worth considering the no.9 Peugeot, as the no.7 had a long stop for repairs after Wurz's crash and no.8 had the stop and go and also a brake problem.

    In which case, the difference in time spent in pits between no.2 (Audi) and no.9 (Peugeot) is just 23 secs.

    There is no simple answer - but it is telling that the Peugeot made three stops under yellow and the Audi only two. However, looking purely at the 'Fuel only' stops, the Audi spent ten seconds longer at rest than the Peugeot - making 24 stops compared to 20. But on the 'full service' (i.e. driver change, fuel, tyres) stops, the Peugeot made 8 stops compared to Audi's 7, and spent 28 seconds longer in the pit than the Audi. So there is 18 seconds of the 23 already accounted for.

    A big difference between Audi and Peugeot was the Audi's ability to run quad-stints, managing six over the course of the race, compared to Peugeot (only two).

  3. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for your reply. I had forgotten about those extra Peugeot stops. Now that you mention it, the Peugeots also had more tyre stops without driver changes too, didn't they, or is that my memory failing too?

    Thanks for the work you put into both the blog and Radio Le Mans.