Friday, 19 March 2010


I really can't get excited about Sebring this year. With only eight prototype entries (not counting the PC's), and only two of those in with a shout of victory - there's not even really much of a fight for best petrol-powered car. Which is a shame, as I have watched the Daytona 24 hours shrink from being a guide to form at Le Mans to a "NASCAR-race for a long time", and where Sebring rose up to fill the gap, now it seems we have to wait till Paul Ricard (or maybe even Spa), to get those LM-type juices flowing.

No matter really, except that (and I know this is provocative, but bear with me) Americans have this tendency for trumpet-blowing, which is great when it's justified, but not so wise when it's not - ask those involved in the Afganistan fiasco.

Either it's a sign of things to come in Europe (and we've already seen reducing grids here), or it's a sign that American Endurance Road Racing is on the wane again.

Of course with GT1 gone, GM now in GT2, about to show Ferrari, Porsche and Jaguar how it's done, chances are the race for the GT class will be the best of the 12 hours. Just imagine the Prototypes have some problems, could Corvette win outright with a GT2? No, I don't think so either. But it would be an indication of the depth to which this classic race has sunk.

On a positive note, I truly believe that next year, the race will recover and that the 2011 12 hours will be a classic. I would love to be there, in one role or another. I just have to cover the cost of getting there - then convincing my wife that it's a good idea to go.

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