Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Green Motor Racing

Mark Howson suggests on dailysportscar this week that sportscar racing is well-positioned to take advantage of initiatives to make ecologically-friendly motorsport. I agree, but... I am not so sure that sportscar racing has such a high profile as to make a difference.

One of the attractions of 'this branch of the sport' is that it is little-known and seldom-explored. I suspect that any notice that government or media will take of motorsport will be, in order: Formula 1, Touring Cars and rallying. Sportscars will plough their own furrow, always have, but the limelight will always be taken by the areas with mass-market appeal. As a consequence, it is those areas that will need to force the "green issues". And I fear that it will be the breakthroughs (breaksthrough?) made in those areas that will end up being followed by sportscars.

It's a shame, but until mainstream motorsport embraces diesel or other alternative fuels, Audi and Peugeot's efforts at Le Mans will merely be looked upon as "quirky", ditto hybrid-electric, etc.

We sportscar fans live in a dark corner of the world...

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